Vanderbeken’s X-ray negative, Wednesday return doubtful

Jake Lovett

ISU forward Jamie Vanderbeken’s ankle may not be broken, but it is still sore.

The 6-foot-11-inch senior had an X-ray done on his left ankle Monday, but results came back negative for a break, leaving the big man with nothing more than a bad sprain.

“The swelling has gone down some today,” said ISU coach Fred Hoiberg on Monday. “He’ll continue to get treatment around the clock.”

The injury to Vanderbeken occurred in the first half of the Cyclones’ 89-66 loss to Kansas on Saturday, and left a hole in the middle of the ISU lineup.

Without the senior and the then-suspended Calvin Godfrey, Iowa State was left with just a trio of freshmen, 6-foot-10-inch Jordan Railey, 6-foot-9-inch Eric McKnight and 6-foot-6-inch Melvin Ejim.

The same may be the case Wednesday when the Cyclones face No. 21 Texas A&M in College Station, Texas.

“Don’t know exactly what his status is for Wednesday. I’d say it’s a longshot that he plays,” Hoiberg said. “But, you never know how those things react to treatment and we’ll continue to monitor it over the next 48 hours to see if he has a chance.”