Style: Best Valentine’s Day gifts

For Him:

The emphasis of Valentine’s Day is always on the ladies — so what do you get your boyfriend for Valentine’s?

This Tommy Hilfiger wallet is a great recommendation. They have a sophisticated, classic look made of leather — perfect for any man. These wallets are a sure upgrade from any old wallet your valentine has had for years, found at Macy’s for a reasonable price of $32 or $46, depending on size. If you want to add something extra charming to show you care, slip a small reminder in the billfold.

For Her:

Mark my words — you can never go wrong with perfume. Perfume doesn’t die, unlike flowers, doesn’t make you fat, like chocolate and is an elegant gift for a reasonable price.

Men seem to be intimidated to buy perfume. If you pass any makeup counter at a department store, you’ll more than likely be bombarded by hundreds of scents and clerks. Here are two perfumes your Valentine will adore.

Lancôme Tresor In Love — A take on Lancôme’s previous Tresor scent, Tresor in Love offers a soft, floral take. The bottle is elegant and has a fun, black rose poof. The size shown is 2.5 ounces for $72 and can be purchased at Younkers.

Coach Poppy Perfume — What girl doesn’t love Coach? Let’s be honest, especially for Valentine’s Day. Poppy is a youthful, fruity scent. The perfume has a pink tone but comes with a fun gold cap. Found at Coach and Macy’s, you can buy the product in a variety of sizes, differing in price. The photo shown features the 3.4 ounce size for $80.