Theft from apartments on the rise in Ames

Kaitlin York

Ames Police Department has responded to a number of burglaries at apartments in the last few weeks, according to a crime report e-mailed to the tenants of First Property Management.

Unknown suspects have been entering unlocked apartments and stealing electronics such as iPods, laptops and gaming systems. This has occurred while residents are away and while residents are sleeping.

Jim Robinson, investigations commander for the Ames Police Department, said suspects have been walking into apartments and if the resident is home, excuses are made such as, “sorry I thought that this was my friend’s apartment.”

Locking the door when leaving and also after entering your apartment is an effective way to prevent personal belongings from being stolen and is also encouraged by Ames Police Department. 

It is asked that if you notice any suspicious activity to please report it to Ames Police.