Fitness Challenge: Jessica Opoien, Week 1

Jessica Opoien

I started off so strong. I really did. But I seem to have fallen off the wagon. However, it’s not too late to save myself from a fate of complete couch potatodom.

I’ve lost 4 pounds since I bought a scale on Jan. 17. That’s great, but I’m not doing enough to stay in shape — and my healthy eating habits have suffered a bit lately.

There have been a few too many pizzas ordered with my friends in the newsroom, some Chinese food here and there — and today, I really broke down. I ate a candy bar from Vendoland.

I’ve stocked up on things like Boca Burgers, mixed baby greens, fruit and vegetables, and I’m making progress in limiting my liquid calorie intake.

As for my workouts — well, I’ve fallen behind, for sure. But from what little exercise I have gotten, I can see my stomach getting a little flatter and my clothes starting to fit a little better. I let myself get scared away by the soreness I felt following some of my more intense workouts, but my goal for next week is to fight through the pain and work out with more frequency.