Fitness Challenge: Trey Hemmingsen, Week 1

Trey Hemmingsen

Well… this week wasn’t very productive. I still haven’t officially started my workout, partly because I was back home until Monday night. I also didn’t really leave the apartment yesterday because I would have rather shot myself in the neck with an arrow than go outside.

I did, however, start to eat a little healthier than I normally do. Last night, I made BLT’s with turkey bacon, which actually doesn’t taste bad at all. While I was working out over the summer, I replaced ground beef with ground turkey. I was really against it at first because I grew up on a farm and get my freezer stocked with our own farm-raised meat every time I go home, but the turkey’s actually pretty good.

My goal is to *hopefully* start working out again as soon as I can walk outside without getting hypothermia. I’d pop in the Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD on the shelf, but my eyes can’t handle watching his neon colored clothes for more than a couple minutes at a time…