Fitness Challenge: Brian Smith, week 5

Brian Smith

I did better than last week, but only slightly. My cold held on much longer than I thought it would. I was over most of my symptom, but the cough was rather persistent.

This really kept me from the making it to the gym. As much as I wanted to go, the idea of a coughing fit in the middle of Lied was enough to convince me to stay home.

I finally made it to Lied on Saturday and did a light workout. My energy level was pretty low, but I didn’t have a coughing fit. It felt good to get back the gym, so hopefully I can keep this up.

My eating habits were actually pretty good. I bought some whole wheat Ritz crackers and colby jack cheese and had that for a late night snack. I’m getting a little bit better about eating fruits and vegetables.

Despite my cold, I think I made some progress and hopefully as I completely recover I can really get back into the swing of things.