College of Design Career Day Expo planned by students, for students

Joy Wessels

Each semester, design students have the opportunity of going to the career fair to meet hundreds of different employers. Whether you’re a first-year design student or a veteran to the program, many chances to secure an internship or job await at the career fair. Not only is the event put on for students, but it’s also organized by them as well.

Fifth-year student in architecture Kristen Greteman is the 2011 chair for the College of Design Career Day Expo, so she knows what students can expect to find. Many students can help with the event, and are split up into subcommittees. Advertising, registration and hospitality are only three of the six committees available to work on. The students handle everything from calling different firms to planning events before the Career Day Expo.

“This semester we called 800 different firms,” Greteman said. “We also organize programming events like resume workshops and portfolio critiques. “

The event is open to all design students and all areas of interest. Though there aren’t as many job opportunities for second-year design students, they are still welcome to come see what internships might be available. Students interested in seeking out job opportunities should have their resume and portfolio in hand.

According to Greteman, portfolios should include any type of design experience students have had.

“If you’re looking for a job or internship, you should include any work based off of studio assignments, personal projects and any work you’ve done through an internship or previous job.” Greteman said.

While having your design-related work available in your portfolio is vital, it’s also important to have other college experiences listed on your resume for employers to see.

“Any involvement on campus looks good,” Greteman said. “Whether you’re a club officer, an undergrad research assistant, or you’ve studied abroad, those are all experiences you should include on your resume.”

If you want to get a taste for what opportunities are open to design students, or you’re on a serious job hunt, check out the College of Design Career Day Expo on Feb. 17.