Fitness Challenge: Sarah Clark Week #2

Sarah Clark

Week #2:

Well, I made it through the weekend. I can’t say that my diet habits were as behaved as they should have been however. Those visits back home bring dinners out, and on mom and dads tab, it is so hard to say no! If you have ever been to Big Steer in Des Moines, you know the sort of dilemma I was in. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it!

Monday brought the beginning of another hellish week of fitness, but to start out on more of a happy note, the scale privileged me with a 2.5 pound decrease from what I started at. Talk about motivating! I have been working really hard and seeing that number on the scale really made it seem like it was all worth it.

Today I ran 4 miles straight, which is the longest I have ran during the Fitness Challenge so far. Even though my lungs and heart were ready to punch out of my chest and my knees were ready to give out, when I was finished, I had the most accomplished and proud feeling ever. If you have ever ran before, you know exactly how it feels. You start to get tired, you start to doubt yourself and ask, “why am I doing this?”, but once your finished, you feel extremely accomplished, not to mention good, and even a bit healthier I might add.

Yes, challenging yourself to push your body to its limits is not exactly an easy thing to do. It is especially difficult when you are doing distance running because you have so much time for a million things to run through your head.

As for my diet, I have been continuing to try and make healthier choices. Tonight’s dinner consisted of grilled flounder and steamed broccoli. I think a lot of people underestimate vegetables. With the right seasonings, they can be delicious! I encourage you to experiment with different ones. When you don’t have time for fresh vegetables, try the frozen steamers. You can find them at most grocery stores and all you have to do is microwave them.

The blizzard is putting a damper on my mood right now and I can’t say that I’m not hoping for a snow day tomorrow (like that’ll happen). However, I’m pretty sure a closed campus means a closed recreation center so I have mixed feelings about that one. Tomorrow may consist of in-home ab workouts and some minor weightlifting. Which brings up another great point. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym, never be afraid to workout in your own home. Roommate or not, that beach ready bod will be worth it come summer time.

As for now, stay warm tonight and stay off the roads. Bring on another week of the Fitness Challenge! Stay Strong!

Let’s Go State!