Daily Fitness Challenge: Moriah Smith, week 5

Moriah Smith

So the cold weather has returned and ruined my motivation to run outside. I accomplished that only once last week and it was a painful experience so I’ve decided to wait for the days where it’s above freezing to do that again. 

However, eating healthier went well this week. I’ve learned that by simply drinking a full glass of water before I eat a meal I don’t eat as much. That coupled with the fact that I’m actually drinking more water makes it a positive step.

I also cut out eating late at night on the weekends. It was really tempting a couple times, but ultimately I kept my mind set on not spending the extra money on a midnight meal. I felt much better by avoiding that vice.

Even though I didn’t really exercise much this week, I still managed to lose a couple pounds because I cut down on the carbs and I ate a lot healthier. 

Now if I could just eat healthy and be able to run during the same week… is spring here yet? Till then, I’ll just have to continue drinking lots of water and eating healthy. I think I can manage that.