How to celebrate Valentine’s Day the single way


Photo: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

If you find yourself dateless on Valentine’s Day, take part in the rich art and culture scene Ames provides. From musical performances in Campustown to museum tours on campus, there’s plenty of things you could be doing besides moping around.

Joy Wessels

In a few short days, some will have eyes adorned with a certain twinkle. Steps will have an extra spring in them, and hearts will be filled with warm, mushy feelings for a significant other.

While some await this day with great anticipation and excitement, there are others that don’t feel quite the same.

Some view it as the official day and reminder of being completely and utterly single. Hearts are rumored to turn black and any public displays of affection can result in direct nausea. The reason for this phenomenon? Two words: Valentine’s Day.

I must admit that I do belong to the second group of people described. I’ll also admit that this will be the first Valentine’s Day I’ll spend single in a very long time. And to be quite honest, I can’t help but be kind of excited about it.

I know you’re probably thinking I’m just saying that to make myself feel better, but trust that I am being completely honest.

Think about it, some of us won’t have to worry about buying a gift. No sniffing out hundreds of different colognes or having to guess if she’d rather have a necklace or bracelet. It’s not like we can afford to drop 50 bucks for the sake of an overly-commercialized holiday anyway, we’re all poor college students.

Unfortunately though, some of us won’t be getting all dolled up to go out on a date. And though I may harbor some unkind feelings toward St. Valentine himself, the guy never said we had to sit and wallow in our self-pity.

Go out and do something. Hang out with your roommates. Buy each other chocolate and play ridiculously upbeat music that you can dance to with your best friends.

Here’s an idea: Go to the ice skating rink. I know it seems like the central place for couples to go, but get a ton of your friends and let loose on skates. There’s no way you can’t laugh at least a little bit while watching others slip and fall.

I know some people are genuinely upset or angry about being single on Valentine’s Day. So why not release some of that pent up frustration on a heart shaped pinata with friends? That’s what I’ll be doing on the big day, and it is probably a lot more rational than socking the first couple you see kissing in public.

If you’re in the mood to just sit and not focus on yourself, go to a movie. Steer clear of the sappy chick flicks that girls will be dragging their boyfriends to. Try a movie that has absolutely no signs of love or heartbreak. After some quick research, “The Rite” and “True Grit” look promising.

Every year the greeting card and chocolate industries exploit Valentine’s Day for everything it means, and frankly we should too. We have the rest of our lives to enjoy romance and the essence of the holiday with a significant other, so spend this one with the other people you love — your friends. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.