Brides, grooms look for wedding information online

Photo illustration: Abby Gilman/Iowa State Daily

Websites like make planning a wedding easy. The sites offer options such as color schemes, bridal party apparel and cuisine.

Danielle Gibbons

The Internet is taking over our world and one of the best examples of this is how people use the Internet to plan the biggest day of their life: their wedding day.

Brides and grooms all around the world go to the Internet to find all the information they need to make their day special. There are blogs about weddings. People tweet every single day about weddings. Facebook is filled with information on weddings and there are thousands of websites dedicated to weddings.

One of the biggest wedding websites is With this website, brides can make a personal address to provide information on their wedding. They can upload photos to tell their story and provide information on the wedding date, time and details. They put the URL to their website on their save the dates. That way all of their guests can find current information on the wedding.

Along with this tool, provides so many other tools for brides and grooms to use. They provide a way to find local vendors for the wedding, information on making and ordering invitations, reception ideas, flower ideas and much more.

“I used the Knot mainly when I was looking for my vendors. It was really helpful in finding my ceremony/reception venue location because you can click on the state you’re getting married in and then you can search for what you’re looking for, such as florist, DJs, etc.,” said Sarah Bougie, ISU alumna.

The site is a type of one-stop shop for planning a wedding and is definitely one of the most used wedding websites today.

“I think it’s a popular resource for brides. Everyone I know who’s either gotten married recently or is getting married soon has used it in some way,” Bougie said.

Another great wedding website is This website is very similar to, but also has some other information that could be useful to the bride and groom to be.

Some tools that has to share are lifestyle and relationship maintenance. This provides information about relationship building, identity issues and counseling for the couple. also provides information on honeymoons. It includes advice on where to travel and how to stay within your budget while having the most amazing honeymoon possible.

There are so many options out there from brides and grooms to help them plan the wedding of their dreams, and these websites are just a few.