Fitness Challenge: Torey Robinson, introduction

Torey Robinson

Torey Robinson, News Editor: 

I make it to Lied off and on throughout the year. Sometimes I’m really consistent and go 4-5 times per week. Other times I don’t work out for months. I’m naturally semi-athletic, but not in shape to the best of my ability.

I want to run my first 5K in March or April. I also want to feel more comfortable about my body.

I eat out a lot – which doesn’t seem like it would hinder a running schedule, but it makes me sluggish. If I eat out before I hit the track, I don’t want to workout at all and get lazy. I also terrible at hydrating my body. I need to make sure to keep drink water all day.

To be able to run the 5K, I need to make sure I run at least four times per week between and the race. The weightlifting class I’m in will keep my muscles and overall health in top shape. I’m also going to try and limit my eating out and cook healthier alternatives.