Shari K’s brings new jewelry to Ames


Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily

Owner Shari K prepares jewelry for display Saturday at Shari K’s Estate Jewelry. Shari K’s opened Nov. 8 with the intent of bringing college students closer to downtown. Prices are aimed at college-aged to middle-aged people. The store offers Native American sterling silver as well as fine jewelry.

Amy Thompson

Shari K Estate Jewelry is a diamond in the rough.

Shari K’s just opened in Ames on Nov. 8 and it “offers one of the best sources, and unique selections of affordable and reasonable estate jewelry in Ames,” states the Website. Shari K’s specializes in fine jewelry and sterling silver.

“I came to Ames because I wanted to do something with the students,” said Shari Kay Lynn Busse, owner of Shari K’s.

“People are happy that I am here and cleaned up the corner. I am hoping to get the students down here more,” said Busse.