Task force presents findings to Faculty Senate

Kaleb Warnock

A task force of the ISU Faculty Senate found that non-tenure faculty limitations to be determined by individual departments would be best suited for Iowa State, rather than setting a university-wide quota of non-tenure faculty allowed in each program.

The group announced that the university will leave it to the departments to determine the percent of instruction — determined by number of credit hours — that will be taught by non-tenure eligible faculty at the ISU Faculty Senate meeting on Tuesday.

The task force found that because each department is different in its needs for non-tenure-faculty-taught courses and therefore cannot establish standards across the university. 

However, there was intense opposition from the senate because of ambiguity regarding how each department would determine the proper percent of non-tenure instruction.

There are no guidelines or standards in place for determining the number because it is left up to the departments to set an non-tenure eligible percent instruction goal.

The senate was skeptical as to how each department is supposed to justify why it would be above or below the determined goal.

The ISU Faculty Senate also discussed an amendment to the handbook regarding removal of faculty members for not performing their duties adequately and to the standards set by Iowa State.

The handbook currently states that faculty members will be removed if they were not adequately performing their duties which includes but is not limited to things like not showing up to class to teach and not participating in faculty committees or boards.

The amendment received intense criticism from many faculty members because it does not explicitly define what is considered adequate performance. Many were concerned that faculty members would be removed from their positions because of prejudices and poor relationships between their departments.