Third quarter crime statistics released by Iowa Board of Regents

Kaitlin York

University crime statistics from the Iowa Board of Regents have been released for the third quarter of this year, from July 1 to Sept. 30.

At the Regent’s request, it will receive quarterly reports of crime statistics compiled by the university public safety departments.

In comparison to 57 students being charged with theft at Iowa State at this time last year, 66 students were charged with something from the following this quarter:

  • Pocket-picking
  • Purse-snatching
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft from building
  • Theft from coin-operated machine or device
  • Theft from motor vehicle
  • Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories
  • All other larceny

The year-to-date number of students charged with theft is 186; 197 had been charged at this time last year. Of these 197, eight have been arrested.

Simple assault charges have dropped significantly from eight last year to four this year; all four were arrested. The University of Iowa has issued 26 simple assault charges, and only 18 were arrested.

Forty-one students have been charged for destruction, damage or vandalism of property with only eight arrests. During the third quarter last year, 31 were charged and only one was arrested. The University of Northern Iowa has issued only six vandalism charges and none were arrested.

Drug and narcotic violations were issued to 21 ISU students along with 10 drug equipment violations. The University of Iowa has given more than double the charges than Iowa State, with 48 drug and narcotic and 21 drug equipment violations. Last year, 16 drug and narcotic violations were issued at Iowa State and nine equipment violations were issued; 15 of the 21 students were arrested.

The number of DUIs issued has dropped from 57 in 2009 to 33 in 2010. Seventy-eight people have received tickets for drunkenness this year, compared to 2009’s third quarter total of 103. Similarly, there were 133 liquor law violations this year and 162 in 2009. The University of Northern Iowa has issued eight DUI’s this quarter and seven were arrested.

All other offenses, defined as interference with official acts, falsifying driver licenses, harassment and filing a false report to a law enforcement agency, have slightly decreased from 183 in 2009 to 170 this year. The University of Iowa has increased its statistics slightly from 276 in 2009 and 294 in 2010. The University of Northern Iowa is an outlier, standing at 26 other offenses in 2009 and 32 in 2010.

Iowa State’s numbers rank second in all three categories of offenses.

The total number of year-to-date offenses and incidents for the universities in Iowa are:

  • Iowa – 847
  • ISU – 582
  • UNI – 125

The total number of year-to-date charges is:

  • Iowa – 806
  • ISU – 395
  • UNI – 66

The total number of people arrested year-to-date are:

  • Iowa – 673
  • ISU – 302
  • UNI – 49

This year’s total offenses and incidents stand at 1,594 and 582 in only the third quarter. There have been a total of 937 charges and 395 in the third quarter. The number of arrests waits at 714 for the year and 302 for the third quarter.