Get involved through agriculture-related clubs


The executive officers of the Block and Bridle Club pose for a picture. Block and Bridle is a popular club for the animal sciences, which hosts several animal shows per year as well as fundraising and community service. Courtesy photo: Block and Bridle Club. The Block and Bridle Club. Front Row – Dr. Phillip Spike (Advisor), Danielle Holmes (Secretary), Alle Buck (Ag Council Representative), Ben Schmaling (Treasurer). Back Row – Brandon Ledger (Vice President), Beth Baudler (President), Charlie Hild (Sergaent at Arms).

Kendra Alley

Iowa State University offers many opportunities for students to get involved and gain work-related experiences prior to graduation. Agricultural students are networking with industry leaders, being offered internships and learning life-long skills through membership of clubs on campus. Get involved today.

Block & Bridle Club:


Membership: Open to all majors who complete initiation process

Dues: $10 juniors and seniors, $20 freshmen and sophomores

Block & Bridle Club can help students interested in the animal science industry gain experience and networking opportunities. The club consists of six different interest groups that allow members to learn more specifically about what animal group they are interested in. To become a member, students must attend a new initiates meeting and complete the initiation process, which consists of different activities for the new members to network with faculty and its older members. Block & Bridle puts together many functions and trips that further members’ education in the animal science field.

Upcoming Events: Summer Sausage and Cheese Fundraiser. Prices range $5-7. Look for stand on campus now thorough finals week.

Agricultural Education Club:


Membership: All ISU students interested in agricultural education among youth

Dues: $20 a year

If you are interested in the importance of providing agricultural education to youth, Agricultural Education Club club can help you gain experiences and apply your skills. AgEd consists of three distinct clubs: Agricultural Education Club, Collegiate FFA and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. The connection between these clubs provides a lot of networking opportunities and great experiences to its members. One of the events that helps members gain experience outside of Iowa State is the 15-Hour Challenge. The challenge inspires members to reach out to other educational programs and engage in their classrooms.

“Agricultural Education Club is all about providing hands-on experiences for students who are interested in furthering agricultural education,” said Jacob Hunter, Agricultural Education Club president.

Upcoming Events: National FFA Convention — Oct. 20-23.

Farm Operations Club:

Membership: Open to all ISU students

Dues: $20 a year

The Farm Operations Club helps members learn life-long skills, network with industry leaders and gain potential jobs and internships. Farm Operations business meetings are held once a month and will cover different topics that will advance member education. The club is affiliated with The National Post Secondary Agricultural Students Organization, and members attend the Fall Leadership Conference where they will attend workshops to prepare them for the Iowa State Career Fair.

Upcoming Events: Farm Operations Meeting — Oct. 28, 5:45 p.m. at Ag 450 Farm

Agricultural Business Club:


Membership: Open to all ISU students

Dues: $20 per year

Agricultural Business Club is open to all students but most beneficial to students who are majoring in agricultural business. The club was awarded “Most Outstanding Club” for the fifth year in a row by the American Agricultural Economics Association. The club educates its members by having speakers attend meetings to talk about their profession and what it entails, hosting and attending agricultural business-related events, and by creating networking opportunities for members with industry representatives.

“If you are interested, come to a meeting and check it out; I guarantee you will have a good time,” said Neil Krummen, president of the Agricultural Business Club.

Upcoming Events: Alumni Homecoming Breakfast — Oct 30.

Sustainable Agricultural Student Association


Membership: Open to all ISU students

Dues: none

The club is affiliated with the Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture, and the two work together to enhance the degree program. The club also educates the campus through different forums about sustainable agriculture.

Upcoming Events: National Campus Sustainability Day, organized by the Green Umbrella — Oct. 21