fun. returns to Iowa State for Veishea



Tyler Kingkade

Nate Ruess is thrilled fun.’s tour van isn’t filled with winter coats anymore. Rightfully so, the six-member pop rock band has spent the past year on the road since releasing its debut album Aim and Ignite in summer 2009.

Ruess, the former lead singer of The Format, teamed with Jack Antonoff, of Steel Train, and Andrew Dost from Anthallo to create fun. shortly after The Format’s disbanding in 2008.

Currently on tour with Motion City Soundtrack, “Sing It Loud and A Rocket To The Moon,” the band will return to Iowa State to play Veishea on Friday night after last playing the M-Shop in November.

On stage in November, Ruess mentioned he was actually born in Iowa prior to playing “The Gambler,” a song about his parents’ relationship and moving to Arizona.

“I was a little bitch,” he said on stage.

He said backstage they actually chose to move to Arizona partly because of Ruess’ asthma.

The Format’s breakup never really was explained, but it’s obvious Ruess is not dragging on it. fun. already toured overseas and the November show at the M-Shop was a nearly packed house.

The band toured with Jack’s Mannequin, and Hayley Williams of Paramore tweeted from a show “mind blown” in reference to the group, leading to the announcement fun. will join Relient K and Paramore for a late April tour including a stop at the Bamboozle festival.

Question and Answer with Nate Ruess:

Tyler Kingkade: How has it been to be out playing music as fun. for nearly a year now?

Nate Ruess: “Absolutely fantastic. We’ve really hit a wonderful stride and we have such a great time playing on stage together. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this comfortable as a performer.”

TK: What was the reception like overseas? Was it what you expected?

NR: “Past experiences in other bands would have led me to believe it was going to be rough. It was quite the opposite. Everyone in the U.K. was just as supportive and welcoming as the people here in the United States.”

TK: Have you gotten to play in an outdoor festival-like setting yet? Will it be a challenge to your set?

NR: “I don’t think we’ve played one yet. But we set up pretty quick and require little maintenance. It’s something I enjoy about the band — our ability to be frantic and end up calming into a set despite rough circumstances.”

TK: What’s coming this summer for fun.?

NR: “A much needed break in touring. We love it but that doesn’t stop me from getting homesick — wherever that is.”

TK: What has become fun.’s favorite song to play during the set?

NR: “It probably differs with each member. Right now I’m really enjoying ‘walking the dog.’ I’m trying to learn to dance.”

TK: Lamb meat or hummus on a gyro?

NR: “Lamb meat. It’s a new thing, but I’m into it.”

TK: Favorite smoothie?

NR: “It’s gotta have oranges and bananas, and not taste too powdery. Otherwise I’ll take any smoothie.”

TK: Will you buy an iPad?

NR: “I have the mini one that seems much easier to carry around and operate.”

What do you know about fun.?

Answers below video

1. Though they never made any major traction, fun. singer Nate Ruess was a member of two bands before he formed The Format. Which is not one of the two?

A. This Past Year

B. Sweet Children

C. Nevergonnascore

2. Jack Antonoff’s breakup with what actress served as the feature for many songs on the Steel Train album “Twilight Tales from the Prairies of the Sun?”

A. Keira Knightley

B. Natalie Portman

C. Scarlett Johansson

D. Kirsten Dunst

3. Which fun. member is not fond of writing Christmas songs?

A. Nate Ruess

B. Andrew Dost

C. Jack Antonoff

1. B 2. C 3. A