Letter: Minor law incidents can have major repercussions

Terry Lowman

You might think that the penalty for underage drinking, speeding ticket, etc. is just a fine, you pay it and that’s all.


These infractions go on your permanent record and most employers will either check it or have someone else check it. To see your record, you can google “Iowa Courts” or go to the Iowa Courts website and do a search.

Maybe you think it won’t hurt you, but if an employer has two excellent applicants and one has a clean record and the other has a messy history with alcohol/drugs, who do you think that they will hire? Sometimes your record can be the easy answer for whom to disqualify — I personally won’t hire someone with more than one seat belt violation because the story I’m reading is that the person is unmanageable.

We didn’t have easy access to these records until recently and it seems that the records are never purged, so that your foolishness may follow you for years and years and years. Also, even if you beat the rap, the arrest stays on your record. These arrests are also listed in the local [Ames] Tribune.

It’s an ugly system, but this is reality. Be warned.