Lied Recreation Athletic Building reopens for student, patron use


Photo: Shiyao Liu/Iowa State Daily

Charlotte Rice, junior in accounting, lifts free weights on Thursday, Sept. 16 at Lied Recreation Athletic Center. Rice ran at Ames Racquet and Fitness three times a week for one hour each time while Lied Rec. was closed.

Torey Robinson and Matt Wettengel

Lied Recreation Athletic Center opened its doors to students and patrons Thursday for the first time in 25 days.

“We’re running at a relatively normal level of program services,” said Mike Giles, director of recreation services. “ROTC was back in this morning, most sports programs are gradually moving it, the equipment is up and running and our fitness classes are going.”

The building currently does not have hot water, racquetball courts or first floor turf available for use. 

“We’re working on the water situation and the courts and turf are in the early stages of development for replacement,” Giles said. “Unfortunately we don’t have a timeline for that.”

Lied was sealed Aug. 22 in order to allow the building to properly dehumidify after it flooded Aug. 11.

The closure of the building on forced many students to find alternative forms of exercise.

“I ran around campus a couple of times, but [Lied’s] inside and it’s getting colder out, so it’s a lot easier just to come here,” said Adam Bornholtz, freshman in meteorology. “It’s nice, there’s more stuff to do and it keeps you from getting fat. Now that this is open it’s a huge help to stay active.”

Like students, many athletic teams and clubs that called Lied home had to make other arrangements.

Most athletic teams were forced to relocate to Jacobson Athletic Building.

“It was stressful for a while just because all of the student athletes were in one place, but football did awesome accommodating everyone since it is their facility,” said Kelly Anne Roach, senior in kinesiology and health and athletic trainer for men’s and women’s tennis and golf.

The biggest difficulty the teams ran into was scheduling, because they tried not to have everyone in the facility at the same time, Roach said. The teams gave each other rides to the building to accommodate freshmen that didn’t have cars, to spare them the extended walk.

Moved from their home field since the flooding, the soccer team will host its first game Friday at the ISU Soccer Complex. 

Student employees of Lied also had to make accommodations with the closure of their workplace.

“Luckily student managers were able to work shifts and substitute at Beyer [Hall],” said Matt Jones, Lied student supervisor and senior in mechanical engineering. “Students that were unable to find shifts were just out of work for the time.”