You should be at the San Diego Comic-Con if …

You think storm troopers trying to use a urinal is funny.

Seeing hundreds of people dressed as Batman is cool.

Meeting Kevin Smith excites you.

Having enough life-size Star Wars memorabilia to make you believe you’re in the movie is a dream come true.

You realize “Red Shirts” are expendable — you would never beam down to hostile planet wearing one.

Waiting for a bagel or coffee with a Predator, Klingon and Sith Lord is a line you don’t mind being in.

You want to use, “I was an extra in ‘Battlestar Galactica,'” as a pick up line.

Ladies dressed in gold bikinis, a la Princess Leia, is a huge turn on.

Dressing your family as members of the Borg and hanging out with other costumed families sounds like an awesome outing.

You would get geared up to look like Spider Jerusalem, so when people ask who you are, you can act like an elitist.

If you want to be around a bunch of people that think “Twilight” is one of the stupidest things to ever happen.