CyRide isn’t so hard, after the first few tries

Brandon Blue

Don’t panic. While the map may look like a tangled knot of multicolored yarn, there are only 11 CyRide routes.

It’s likely that you’ll only ever use a few of them, depending on where you are and where you want to go.

The 1 Red Route goes between North Grand Mall and Ames Middle School, and passes through the ISU campus.

If you need to stop on Lincoln Way anywhere from Grand Avenue to South Dakota Avenue, this is your route.

The 2 Green Route travels a route between Ontario Street and the mall, passing Ames High School, City Hall and the ISU campus.

The 3 Blue Route passes through the Schilletter and University Village Apartments and the ISU campus.

It also goes to Duff Avenue. via South 4th Street, where it stops near Wal-mart and Target.

The 4 Gray Route route passes between Jack Trice Stadium and the DMACC campus in East Ames. The 4A is a midday bus going from Iowa State Center to Jewel Drive south of U.S. Highway 30. If you need to get to campus while riding the 4A, you can transfer to the 23 Orange Route at Jack Trice Stadium.

The 5 Yellow Route goes between City Hall and the Kate Mitchell School via Duff Avenue. You can transfer to it from the 1 Red Route or 2 Green Route, but it doesn’t run through campus.

The 6 Brown Route goes between the ISU Research Park south of U.S. Highway 30 to the mall, passing the Towers Residence Halls and campus.

The 6A runs at night and takes students who live in the Towers to and from campus after normal route hours. The 6B also runs at night, passing between campus and the mall.

The 7 Purple Route goes between campus and the University Plains Community Park in West Ames via Lincoln Way. Many of the 1 Red stops on Lincoln Way are shared by the 7 Purple.

The 21 Cardinal Route route is most used by students living in Frederiksen Court. It circles the campus too, making something resembling a figure eight every 5 or 10 minutes.

The 22 Gold Route circles campus and is the only bus that travels Pammell Drive and through the greek land. It services students who have classes in molecular biology or nearby.

The 23 Orange Route passes between the College of Veterinary Medicine and the ISU campus. From 7:30 a.m. – 5:20 p.m. on class days, the 23 Orange Route circulates frequently between the Iowa State Center and campus.

The 24 Silver Route only runs Sunday nights, going between the S Lots east of Jack Trice Stadium and Richardson Court, the Union Drive

Neighborhood or the Towers Residence Area upon request.

Remember that if you’re ever unsure of where to go, you can always grab one of the route maps just inside the front door of any CyRide.