Disc golf to pass the time

Chelsea Davis

If you’re looking for a way to get outdoors in your spare time, hit up one of Ames’ two disc golf courses, the Carroll Marty Disc Golf Course or the ISU Disc Golf Course.

The Carroll Marty Disc Golf Course, 1500 Gateway Hills Park, just east of the Ames/ISU Ice Arena, is close to campus and features an 18-hole course with many hills and turns.

“If you like being outside, then you’ll like this kind of thing,” said Trent Lamar, senior in chemical engineering.

Lamar has been disc golfing – or “frolfing,” as many students call it – since seventh grade and has come to love the simplicity and relaxed nature of the game.

“But etiquette is a big thing on the courses,” he said. “It’s just like golf, where if you’re really slow at throwing, you should let the people behind you play through, and don’t throw until the people in front of you are done throwing so you don’t hit them.”

The ISU Disc Golf Course, located just north of Frederiksen Court on 13th Street, is a great location to disc golf for those living farther north of campus.

Just like golf but with a disk, the game focuses less on the competitive aspect of the game and more on the social benefits of playing a sport.

“Most people on the courses are pretty friendly, and you can meet a lot of people out there,” Lamar said. “Some people take it really seriously, but the point is more to just try to enjoy it.”

Discs can be purchased at several locations in Ames and surrounding areas, including Jax Outdoor Gear, Sports Page and Wal-amart.

“Prices can range from $8 to $20,” Lamar said. “The more expensive the disc is, the more durable it is.”

Lamar also said that girls starting out should try the Dragon disc and guys should try the Valkyrie disc. Both are drivers, which Lamar said all beginner disc golfers really need to get started.