LETTERS: Keep in touch; call your friends, family

Brad Humphrey

As news of Jon Lacina’s disappearance reached me on Friday night, I was really caught off guard.

Jon was a member of my graduating class at Grinnell High School three years ago, and though I wasn’t close friends with him, it still hit me pretty hard.

It was especially ill news because just one week ago, I went to a visitation of a classmate who passed away at an all too young age of 20, and to have the possibility of losing another is both saddening and scary, especially at our age.

While having a conversation with my mom about Jon’s disappearance, she said something that inspired me to write this letter.

She told me (and has told me before), that she gets worried when she doesn’t hear from me either by e-mail, phone, or even Facebook.

On average, I try to e-mail or talk to my parents at least once every two weeks, if not every week, just to say hello, or to tell them about Iowa State happenings.

 I’m fortunate to be only an hour drive from home, and often see my parents when they come to athletic events.

I am writing this letter to remind my fellow students that it is important to keep in touch with loved ones and friends back home.

Not only do your parents like to hear from you because they care, but it helps them to know that you care about them as well.

So take out the ear buds, switch off Facebook, and give those you care about back home a friendly call or e-mail, it only takes a second, and can mean a lot to them.

Please keep Jon and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Brad Humphrey is a junior in logistics and supply chain management.