EDITORIAL: Dead week, mix release with cramming

Editorial Board

Dead Week, according to Iowa State’s Government of the Student Body:

“The last week of fall and spring undergraduate classes has been designated Dead Week.

“ … Mandatory final examinations in any course may not be given during Dead Week … [with few exceptions]

“ … Major course assignments should be assigned prior to Dead Week …[with few exceptions]

“ … Major course assignments should be due no later than the Friday prior to Dead Week … [that was last Friday, but with a few exceptions]”

How does your Dead Week measure up to those standards? If we had to guess, you’d probably grade most of your professor with an “F” for failing to comply.

But we’d like to leave you challenged, rather than being reminded of your woe: Most schools have certain traditions they associate with their very own “Hell Week.”

There’s always the mandatory quiet hours, but  do you give a good scream to let out the stress? Many schools across the country organize campus-wide vent-sessions.

Carnegie Mellon hosts a campus barbecue.

Better yet, have you ever run naked through Parks Library, handing candy out to the crowds? They do at Yale University’s Bass Library.

Use what little creativity you have left this week, and take some time to let loose.