FOOTBALL: A look at a key play from Iowa State-Kansas State game

Images: Courtesy/EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2010

Images: Courtesy/EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2010

The Sequence: Down 24–17 and with 38 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, the Cyclones lined up for what would be the final play of a frenzied drive against Kansas State. The previous play was a fourth-and-five from the 45-yard line, which Austen Arnaud completed a sideline route to Marquis Hamilton for a 22-yard gain.

Iowa State had one time out remaining and a first down from the 23-yard line.

1. The Cyclones get up to the line as the officials move the chains in their no-huddle offense, running routes that would give them an immediate shot at the end zone.

2. With three wide receivers right, one to the left of the line and Jeremiah Schwartz lined up as a blocker next to Arnaud in the shotgun, Arnaud looked only to the right and let it fly.

3. Arnaud’s roommate Jake Williams was on the far outside, running a streak down the sideline, as his two inside receivers ran a seam and an underneath route, respectively.

4. Williams got behind his cornerback, who was in man-to-man coverage, and safety help came late as Williams was just behind the two defenders when he hit the end zone as the ball was in the air.

5. After a Kansas State deflection of Arnaud’s floating ball, the rotation took the pigskin down and back, where a diving Williams made a bobbled catch that he was able to get his hands under for the touchdown.

The play was reviewed, the ruling on the field stood and the second Arnaud-to-Williams end zone celebration of the year commenced. Then, as quickly as the play happened, the cheering shifted from cardinal to purple with Grant Mahoney’s blocked point after try that would have sent the game into overtime.