Third-party candidates you may not have heard about:

Sarah Haas

The third party candidates to appear on the 2008 general election ballot in Iowa, according to the Iowa Secretary of State’s Web site.

Constitution Party

Presidential candidate: Chuck Baldwin

Vice Presidential candidate: Darrell L. Castle

Platform: The party plans to disband the Department of Education and allow parents to provide education, preserve gun rights, maintain a strong national defense, promote equal justice, end legal abortions and restore non-interventionalist foreign policy.

Information provided by Chuck Baldwin’s presidential election Web site,

Green Party

Presidential candidate: Cynthia McKinney

Vice Presidential candidate: Rosa Clemente

Platform: The party is committed to grassroots democracy, social justice, equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, non-violence, the decentralization of power, a less bureaucratic system, community-based economics and economic justice, feminism and gender equity, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, and sustainability.

Information provided by the Green Party of the United States’ Web site,

Libertarian Party

Presidential candidate: Bob Barr

Vice Presidential candidate: Wayne Allyn Root

Platform: The party stands for cutting federal spending, reforming entitlements, welfare and taxes, eliminating restrictions that inhibit energy production, protecting privacy, exiting Iraq, encouraging free trade, and initiating consumer-oriented health care.

Information provided by Bob Barr’s presidential election Web site,

Party for Socialism and Liberation

Presidential candidate: Gloria La Riva

Vice Presidential candidate:

On the ballot: Robert Moses

According to the party’s Web site: Eugene Puryear

Platform: To provide free, quality health care, raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, reorganization of the economy, eliminate college tuition, no privatization of social security and full reparations for the black community.

Information provided by the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Web site,

Peace and Freedom

Presidential candidate: Ralph Nader

Vice Presidential candidate: Matt Gonzalez

Platform: To double minimum wage, provide equal pay for equal work, protect workers and the environment in international trade, defend and extend the Bill of Rights, abolish the death penalty, decriminalize drug use, provide free, high-quality health care to everyone and convert to a peace-oriented economy.

Information provided by the Peace and Freedom Party’s Campaign 2008 Web site,

Socialist Party USA

Presidential candidate: Brian Moore

Vice Presidential candidate: Stewart A. Alexander

Platform: Stopping U.S. imperialism, maintaining the integrity of the Bill of Rights, transforming the economy to focus on individual need and full employment for everyone who wants work.

Information provided by the Socialist Party USA’s Web site,

Socialist Workers Party

Presidential candidate: James Harris

Vice Presidential candidate:

On the ballot: Alyson Kennedy

According to the party’s Web site: Maggie Trowe

Platform: To support workers and unions, withdraw U.S. armed forces around the globe, fund a public works program, socialize medicine, nationalize energy monopolies, abolish the death penalty, fight cop brutality and defend a woman’s right to choose.

Information provided by the Socialist Workers Party’s Web site,