Thursday game brings hodge-podge of opinions

David Merrill

For the second year in a row, the Cyclone football team will have to switch from practice gear to its game uniforms a little early, as Iowa State kicks off the season Thursday against South Dakota State at 7 p.m.

Iowa State joins a number of other collegiate teams from across the nation who are kicking off their seasons on Thursday instead of the traditional Saturday kickoff.  Both students and faculty have had mixed reactions on the game possibly conflicting with Friday classes during the first week.

Annie McGuire, sophomore in art and design, feels the traditional Saturday game is better suited for students.

“With Saturday games, there’s no classes the next day, so you don’t have to worry about getting up early and going to classes the day after a game”, McGuire said. 

McGuire also feels that the Thursday game interrupts the flow of students’ social and class schedules.

“It doesn’t help the situation of people skipping class on Fridays because people will still stay out later and party,” McGuire said.

McGuire mentioned that despite having to be in class on Friday for a quiz, she still plans on tailgating before the game.

Scott O’Rourke, senior in finance and accounting, prefers the Thursday games because of the atmosphere.

“I think night games are more fun,” O’Rourke said. “It’s just more fun under the lights.”

O’Rourke also believes the weeknight game will have a huge effect on students going to class the next day, because they prefer to stay out later and party instead. O’Rourke, however, says he is planning on both going to the game and to his classes on Friday.

“It may affect whether I get my readings done, but I’m still going to go to class, that is what we’re paying Iowa State to do.”

Cassie Lehr, sophomore in interdisciplinary studies, is also a proponent of Saturday games.

“Saturday games are better because you aren’t going to be tired the next day if you have to worry about going to classes,” Lehr said.

Lehr mentioned tonight’s game might affect the people who have morning classes, but not the afternoon ones.

“I’m probably not going to tailgate because I’m planning on going to all of my classes on Friday,” Lehr said.

Thursday night games affect professors as well as students.

Mat Delisi, professor of criminal justice studies, enjoys starting the season a little bit early.

“Having an earlier game is kind of nice — I like night games and it’s fun to get the season started,” Delisi said.

He is not particularly worried about students not making it to class. He doesn’t expect more then a few individuals here and there to skip.

“I can see it affecting students who have too many beers the night before, but as the season goes on I think that will start to drop off,” Delisi said.

The Thursday game also affects his teaching assistant, Anna Kosloski, graduate student in sociology.

“As a graduate student, most of my classes are in the evening, so the game moving from Saturday to Thursday means I am unable to attend the first game of the season,” Kosloski said.

Even though she will not be at the game, she feels the game being moved to Thursday may actually improve attendance.

“I don’t think moving the game is a bad idea. With the Labor Day weekend coming up, I believe the decision was made to maximize the amount of fans that would be able to attend the first football game of the season,” Kosloski said. “Students, faculty and staff attend weekday evening events throughout the year and it does not hinder their ability to work and go to class the following day.”