Reel Big Fish sell out

Sarah Haas

Volunteers were rewarded Monday Night with a free concert through The 10,000 Hours Show.

Iowa City-based reggae band Public Property opened for the headliner Reel Big Fish, a ska-punk band from California that has been around since 1992.

A crowd of more than 100 volunteers and 10,000 Hours Show staff filed into the Durham Great Hall of the Memorial Union at 6:30 p.m.

Reel Big Fish opened with its popular 1997 hit “Sell Out” in its highly energized style that prompted the crowd to erupt with excitement.

Together, the volunteers donated 10,348 hours to their local communities – or more than 430 days – said Jamie Seeman, senior in agronomy and executive director of outreach for 10,000 Hours Show.

“Our goal is to get students to volunteer and to have 10,000 hours volunteered for the concert. We want to get students hooked on volunteering,” said Heather Quick, junior in English and executive business manager of 10,000 Hours Show.

About 200 students and over 100 non-profit groups helped make this year’s 10,000 Hours Show a success by surpassing the organization’s goal of 10,000 hours, Quick said.

In order to pay for the musical guests, the group completes extensive community outreach with local non-profit organizations and businesses.

“Our project is led by students, and they make pitches to corporations and ask them to get involved,” Quick said.

The concert is viewed as a celebration of volunteering by the event’s organizers, not an incentive to volunteer.

Students earn free admission to the concert after completing and verifying 10 hours’ worth of community service – although some participants volunteer more than the minimum of 10 hours.

“The amount of time spent volunteering really varies. Some people just do the 10 hours, but others who are already volunteering use the concert as a celebration of something they were already doing,” Seeman said.

Megan Clements, sophomore in pre-business, began volunteering before she knew about the possibility of a free concert.

“I really like to volunteer, so getting to go to a free concert is a good plus,” Clements said. Relay for Life and Lego League gave Clements the hours she needed for her ticket stub.

This year, its fifth, the organization’s nearly 30 members chose Reel Big Fish to headline the event. Past performers have included Ben Folds, Guster, Cake and Jet.

“As a staff we brainstorm ideas of everyone we’d like to come play, some of which are unrealistic, like The Beatles. But we eventually got down to a list of 10 performers who would fit into our budget. We want a band that’s fun and even if people aren’t familiar with the band, will have a great time anyway,” Quick said.