Fischer-Luttrell focuses on lowering tuition, more transparency of student fees

Rebecca Carton

Their experience is well-documented – and also their main drawing point.

Daniel Fischer, director of government relations and senior in agricultural business, and Maggie Luttrell, ex-officio City Council liaison and senior in history and women’s studies, said they are running for the positions of Government of the Student Body president and vice president because they are the candidates with the most experience within the Senate and in executive roles. With this experience, they feel they know how to serve students.

“We know what GSB can do and what we need to be doing,” Fischer said.

The Fischer-Luttrell ticket has a five-issue platform that focuses on student relations and communication.

Fischer said one of their main goals is lobbying for lower tuition for students. He said they would work with organizations like the General Iowa Commission to help look at the big picture of student debt and loan rates.

“We want to take a look at the big approach,” he said. “[We want to] try to get as much money for students as we can possibly get.”

Luttrell said it was hard to be a member of GSB, considering its negative reputation among students. She said she and Fischer really want to open up communication with students by going to student organization meetings.

“We just really want to open that up and initiate that type of thing,” she said.

Fischer said their ticket would also address educating students about how their money is being spent. He proposed workshops for people handling budgets during the regular allocations process, which would displayed on YouTube.

“Students should really know what their money is going towards,” he said.

Luttrell said they want to focus on continuing quality relations and doing more to rejuvenate Campustown.

“There’s always something more that Campustown could have,” she said. “We definitely want to communicate with the city what students want and what students need.”

Lastly, Fischer and Luttrell want to improve the Senate itself by making it more organized and accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves.

Fischer said it was important that senators are educated about GSB before they start serving in order to have an efficient government.

“We need to make sure the Senate and commissions are full of good leaders,” he said.