GSB bill discussion delayed by senator’s test

Rebecca Carton

A bill providing funding to the Game Renegades to purchase a server costing $1,332.49 was passed by a vote of 21-1-1 Wednesday night.

The bill was the final one considered at the weekly Government of the Student Body meeting.

Game Renegades had previously requested the funding, but the organization was denied it because it had not yet existed for a year.

The bill was brought up early in the meeting, but was delayed in order to wait for the author of the bill, Senator Tom Danielson, senior in civil engineering, to be present. Danielson was not present for the majority of the meeting because he had a test scheduled at the same time.

Christopher Moe, president of Game Renegades and sophomore in computer engineering, said that Game Renegades currently has problems with computers stalling when using the server that is provided to them.

“It’s not sufficient for us because we run into constant problems,” he said. “That’s unacceptable when we’re holding LAN tournaments. Lag is very unacceptable.”

Moe said that, when competing against other schools, the lag that experienced can affect who wins the game. The server they use is also used as a file server, which could also “affect certain game files.”

Mitchell Hayek, GSB senator graduate student in political science, voiced his concern to Moe about the group being a strong enough organization to warrant such a large purchase.

“I just want to know in my mind if there is a really good group of cultivated underclassmen,” he said.

Hayek also said that in order to be a adequate request, the server would have to be accessible to all students. Moe agreed the server should be available to all because it would benefit his group in order to increase awareness of the organization.

“We want to focus just on Iowa State students, and it’s hard to put restrictions on it,” he said. “There are ways to password-protect server games, and if students don’t know about our club, they’re locked out of the server. We try to use that to our advantage – if we have it out in public, we’re serving everyone.”

Charles Wakefield, GSB senator, supported the bill, saying that the purchase would help the group grow.

“There is insufficient computing resources on campus to allow them to do what they do,” he said. “I think this is a really good thing for the group. It looks like they’re growing and they continue to grow.”