The Envy Corps to return to Iowa

Bill Cleary

On Friday, indie-rock quartet The Envy Corps returns to their homeland for one show.

The Ames-native band will play a single show at 5:30 p.m. at The House of Bricks in Des Moines. The Ames-local, keyboard-based indie rockers Keepers of the Carpet will open the show.

The lone Iowa gig isn’t part of a tour – it’s an explicit effort to acknowledge the band’s roots.

For the last six months, The Envy Corps has resided in London, building a reputation in the U.K.

In the U.K., the band has signed with Mercury Records, the same label that is home to The Killers. Their first single, “Rhinemaidens,” was released Monday.

“The idea is to kind of come back and let people know about the single,” said John Baker, the band’s manager.

Baker said he sees a sense of pride among Iowans and hopes this will contribute to the band’s success.

“You see this crowd – everyone’s wearing college shirts, everyone supports the football team,” he said.

“We think people will want to be a part of this – helping this band be successful.”

Because this is the first week of the single’s release, Baker is trying to build up sales to help The Envy Corps chart well in the U.K. He said music politics are different overseas, where single sales are more important to building a band’s reputation than they are here.

“We’re kinda being sneaky about the U.K. charts,” Baker said.

The Envy Corps’ upcoming full-length album, “Dwell,” is set to be released sometime next year, but no concrete release date has been set.

If the record does well, Baker expects the band to sign with a major U.S. label, likely the Island Def Jam Music Group.