LETTER: LGBT events already get plenty of coverage

According to Kristen Wentworth, the “lack of coverage only reinforces the invisibility and feelings against [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals]” (“Coverage of LGBT inadequate,” Oct. 16).

However, as she stated, “there were two full pages dedicated” to LGBT activities of last week. In the last month, there were at least two front-page articles about the gay marriages in Iowa. Walking through campus, there are “Safe Zone” stickers on almost every office and CA door welcoming LGBT students. I learned of National Coming Out Week from the posters highlighting the week’s events and from talking to students in my classes.

It would be difficult to find students that aren’t aware of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Ally Alliance and what the organization stands for. Do LGBT issues really suffer from “invisibility” here at Iowa State?

There are plenty of things that are happening on our campus that haven’t been covered in the Daily that are just as worthy.

According to stuorg.iastate.edu, there are 681 student groups on campus. While the LGBTA group claims 50 members (stuorg.iastate.edu), can there be similar coverage for groups like the Muslim Student Association (150 members), The Hip-Hop Dance Club (200), The Salt Company (650) or ISU Democrats (1075)?

The greek community boasts somewhere around 2,500 students (Office of Greek Affairs), and I would love to see two pages about the community service activities going on through the different houses. Step Into My World 2007 was held the week of Oct. 1 by the Alliance for Disability Awareness and was covered by an article in the news section – but not two pages. “Taking the Road Less Traveled,” a program to encourage women to pursue careers in science and engineering, was hosted by Women in Science and Engineering (254 members) last week and this week with no coverage yet.

There is a large variety of groups on this campus. I’m glad that our LGBT students have the freedom and opportunity to put together events such as the ones of last week for awareness and have those activities published in the news. However, when a group is already receiving so much coverage and awareness, is it right to ask for more? Let’s give coverage to the diversity of groups on our campus, not just those that show some “diversity.”

Stephanie Swanson, Senior, Agricultural engineering