Faculty senate touches on proposals and future events during Tuesday meeting


Kennedy DeRaedt/Iowa State Daily

Faculty Senate members listen to Paul Fuligni’s presentation on campus facilities. Fuligni, associate vice president for facilities, spoke on critical repairs for Iowa State buildings during the Faculty Senate meeting Jan. 22 in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union.

Kaitlyn Hood

Proposals and looking to the future were the main themes at Tuesday’s Faculty Senate meeting.

David Cantor also made his now monthly appearance at the meeting. Cantor spoke about the upcoming WorkCyte and Workday forums that will be available for faculty to attend. There will be five main workshops starting with one on March 14, two workshop on March 26, as well as one on April 1 and April 3.

Cantor said all the workshops will have the same content, so there is no need to go to all five. The workshops will discuss what WorkCyte is and how it works. They will also discuss the benefits of the program and there will be specialist at the forums to answer any questions that may arise. Faculty can register for the forums by going to [email protected]

A resolution was adopted by Faculty Senate at Tuesday’s meeting. This resolution recognizes Erin M. Rosacker for her 13 years of years of service in reporting the proceedings of the meetings of the Faculty Senate.

According to the proposal, “[The Faculty Senate] is appreciative of her professionalism and of her many positive interactions with faculty senators throughout this term, effectively communicating Faculty Senate actions to the University community.”

President of Faculty Senate, Peter Martin, announced that the academic affairs council will be undertaking a new issue regarding the university’s U.S. diversity requirement for undergraduate students.

“The council suggested to establish a workgroup with wide representation from campus to discuss, whether they’re to consider if all classes include U.S. diversity in their class content, whether they’re to rename the requirement to U.S. diversity inclusion and safety and whether to integrate with inclusivity in the classroom,” Martin said.

A proposed major and minor of business analytics was introduced to the Senate. Both of these programs would be housed in the Ivy College of Business if they are to be approved by the Senate at the next meeting in April.

Another change that was proposed to the Senate was the name change of the information assurance major and minor to cyber security. The name change comes from the need to better reflect what the program is in a more modern light.