LETTER: Bock also intends to help control Ames’ growth, exercise care

As a resident of the 4th Ward I am pleased to be able to vote for Andy Bock. He will move the city forward with ideas on energy and water, strengthen neighborhoods and listen carefully and considerately to his constituents.

I believe it is essential that, as Ames grows and develops, we do not lose the benefits provided by the city, such as the extensive park system, our high level of personal safety, the excellent water, the efficient municipal utilities, the well-maintained infrastructure and our superb public library. I am voting for Bock because he shares my appreciation for these and other positive aspects of Ames and has the knowledge and ideas to help Ames grow without sacrificing the quality of life we now enjoy.

I believe Bock will help Ames grow by investing in innovative energy and transportation solutions. Costs of providing services continue to grow, but property taxes currently pay only one-half the costs of basic operations of city services. The balance comes from investment income, grants and other taxes. Depending on where and how Ames grows, the costs of building and maintaining new infrastructure may grow faster than tax receipts do. We do not want to spend so much on new developments that we sacrifice our existing neighborhoods and other positive aspects of Ames.

We cannot rely on the old way of thinking about growth as an unmitigated positive no matter what it costs the public or what direction it takes. We will benefit by bringing new and creative ideas to the table and realize that growth should reflect the community’s goals and values.

Bock is open to ideas from the people of Ames. A trait that I particularly value in Bock is his ability to hear what others say when he listens to them.

I urge those of you in the 4th Ward to join me in voting for Andy Bock for council on Nov. 6.

Sue Ravenscroft