Music spotlight: Lucy Kaplansky

Benjamin Day

Lucy Kaplansky (singer/songwriter, folk)

Where: Maintenance Shop, MU

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Cost: $10 students, $14 public ($1 increase the day of show)

Hear her at:

Record label: Red House Records

Info about her last CD, “Over the Hills,” from her Web site:

It is her most personal recording to date, with a stunning range of material, from stories about family, those that have gone before and follow after, of lives lived and roads traveled, to a compelling collection of classic songs by other writers, performed with Lucy’s distinctive interpretive sensibility. “Over the Hills” is Lucy’s story and her reflection upon her times.

Lucy Kaplansky, who used to be a clinical psychiatrist and could be referred to as Dr. Kaplansky, has played at the M-Shop three times in the past and looks forward to playing here again. Here are a few of the things she wanted you to know before the show.

How is the tour going?

“It’s going well. I can only go out on weekends now because I’m a mom, but it’s going well; it’s very busy.”

What are your thoughts on playing in Ames?

“I had a great time the last three times. I love playing for college students in general – they tend to be a very receptive audience.”

Are there any differences from your first performance at the M-Shop to this one on Friday?

“I like to think I’ve gotten better. I hope it’s a better performance, I hope I’m a better singer as well as a writer. I just hope to be better.”

How would you describe your music?

“Well I’m a singer-songwriter, I guess I’m a combination of folk, rock, pop and country. You could describe me in all of those categories.”

How would you describe your live performances?

“I like to talk a lot during the shows. I really talk about my personal life mostly. As far as the music goes, I play songs from my past albums, my most currents and songs that haven’t been and aren’t recorded yet.”

Who would you say you most sound like/How would you describe your music?

“I guess I’ve heard people say I sound like Nanci Griffith – I’ve actually sung with her before, but most of you college students have no idea who she is, probably. I’ve also heard I sound like Carly Simon.”

Who are your greatest influences?

“Musically, my biggest influences have been everyone from The Beatles, to Steve Earle [American singer/songwriter], to Joni Mitchell [Canadian singer/songwriter]. Joni Mitchell is probably my most significant, though.”

What is the biggest inspiration behind your music?

“I don’t really have anything in particular. I just write, and it tends to be about everything.”