EDITORIAL: Butterflies suffer when money matters most

Budget cuts 1, butterflies 0.

One of the unique parts of Reiman Gardens and Iowa State will disappear into thin air come winter. The Butterfly Garden will no longer be a great escape from the freezing Iowa weather.

Due to a $200,000 budget cut, the butterfly wing will be closed during the winter months, the gardens will be closed on the winter weekends and a few jobs will be reduced in hours or cut completely.

But why? Who doesn’t love the butterfly wing?

It is a great place to take a date, entertain when your family comes into town or spend some quality time with your favorite butterfly.

The Reiman Gardens budget is made up of 40 percent university funds, 40 percent self-raised funds and 20 percent from its endowment and private gifts. We know money’s tight, but can’t Iowa State wiggle some money around so we can keep the butterflies?