Week 8 college football picks

Last Week’s results

(Overall record in parentheses)

Sports editor Kyle Oppenhuizen, 7-3 (45-21)

Sports writer Luke Plansky,

6-4 (44-22)

Gridiron editor Pat Brown,

5-5 (44-22)

Online editor Chris Conetzkey, 5-5 (41-25)

Sound off:

It feels good to be back. I was worried after my 2-6 week in which it seemed like I could do no right. I was getting worried about a downward spiral, much like my friend Chris is going through at the moment. But after some gutsy calls and superior football knowledge, I was able to regain my rightful spot in the lead, even if just for a week. Let’s be honest though – nobody can legitimately say they know who is going to win any game in any given week. In a season that has seen the top two teams in the nation fall on the same day, and has South Florida poised to go to not only a BCS game, but the National Championship, predictions at this point are nearly impossible. It’s almost hard to believe any of us have a winning record.

As part of my 2 cents worth, here’s to hoping the fans don’t jump off of the ISU football bandwagon. I know they are coming off of the second largest loss in Jack Trice Stadium history, and I know it is frustrating to watch the Cyclones get blown out, but give the team a break. It is Chizik’s first year, and like many first coaches, it is a rough one. Just look at Dan Hawkin’s first year at Colorado or Kirk Ferentz’s first year at Iowa. Now Hawkins has a Colorado team that is greatly improved, and Ferentz has won a pair of conference championships. We don’t know what the future will hold for Chizik, but to stop showing up to games now just adds to the perception that ISU fans only care about one game a year.

Oh, and because my co-editors Chris and Pat are fans of the Bears and Vikings, respectively, I feel the need to point out that the Packers are also back on top in the NFC North – at least for the moment. Here’s to another week of winning picks.

– Kyle Oppenhuizen

Oklahoma at Iowa State

Kyle: Oklahoma – I really, really want to pick Iowa State, but lets be honest.

Pat: Oklahoma – Haven’t picked ISU yet this year and I’ve been right six times. Ouch.

Luke: Oklahoma – Do I need an explanation? I wish I had a reason to pick Iowa State other than I want them to win. Shock the world.

Chris: Oklahoma – No brave soles picking Iowa State this week. Well, the only time I didn’t pick the Cyclones, they won.

Auburn at LSU

Kyle: Auburn – LSU will be angry, but Auburn is on fire.

Pat: LSU – Tigers bounce back from a tough week.

Luke: LSU – There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

Chris: LSU – Back at home, and to be honest they might still be the best team in the nation.

Florida at Kentucky

Kyle: Florida – I don’t think Florida will lose again in the regular season.

Pat: Kentucky – Another big home win for the Wildcats.

Luke: Florida – Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. even in Kentucky.

Chris: Florida – I just can’t believe that Kentucky is that good.

Kansas at Colorado

Kyle: Colorado – Kansas is bound to have a letdown, and Colorado is not the place to do that. Ask Oklahoma.

Pat: Colorado – Higher altitude = less oxygen = harder to make tough decisions. Mangino may not even get past lunch.

Luke: Kansas – Jayhawks are 13th in BCS Standings. Wow.

Chris: Kansas – Is this basketball season?

Cal at UCLA

Kyle: Cal – The Pac 10 is a powerful conference this year, and Cal will get back to their winning ways.

Pat: UCLA – Upset special.

Luke: Cal – Bears bounce back in a big way against good team.

Chris: Cal – UCLA has yet to play a ranked opponent, but they did defeat Oregon State, who beat Cal last week.

Texas Tech at Missouri

Kyle: Missouri – I can’t believe I’m picking the Tigers to come back after a loss, but this is a better team than I have given them credit for.

Pat: Missouri – Tech has no running game, something it needs against Mizzou.

Luke: Texas Tech – I see the Tigers falling face first in this one.

Chris: Texas Tech – They made A&M look terrible. But then again, who doesn’t Graham Harrell make look bad.

Michigan at Illinois

Kyle: Illinois – This will be a great game, but I think Illinois will perform for the home crowd.

Pat: Michigan – Only if they get Hart back, though. M Go Blue!

Luke: Illinois – Even after the loss. Never thought I’d make this pick.

Chris: Michigan – When I made this pick a report by The Associated Press said Hart would play.

Texas A&M at Nebraska

Kyle: Texas A&M – Nebraska is just looking terrible this year. A new athletic director won’t fix their problems.

Pat: Texas A&M – It’s sad when playing at Nebraska is no longer an advantage.

Luke: Nebraska – Or Callahan should hire a secret service.

Chris: Texas A&M – Nebraska is bad. I love it. Oh, and its athletic director got fired.

Iowa at Purdue

Kyle: Iowa – Their defense has been impressive, and the win over Illinois could be a turning point.

Pat: Purdue – Both teams are awful.

Luke: Purdue – Painter exposes Hawk defense at home.

Chris: Purdue – Drew Tate couldn’t cut it in the NFL, and currently plays for the Canadian Football League’s Saskatchewan Roughriders. No insult needed.

Michigan State at Ohio State

Kyle: Ohio State – No top ranked team will lose this week.

Pat: Ohio State – These Spartans have a worse fate than the ones in “300”: At least the ones in the movie still had their pride after the massacre.

Luke: Ohio State – Well said, Pat. Buckeyes aren’t the best team in the country, but will roll here.

Chris: Ohio State – I don’t think Ohio State is really that good. But then again I could see them going undefeated with maybe their worst team in a long while.