Cyclone quotes

Tom Schmeling

“We have always had faith in Shags. Every day out there in practice, he’s knocking them down, knocking them down, so I’ve never doubted him on a kick. I never have, and I never will again, for sure.”

Bret Meyer

“[Phillip Bates is] a 17-year-old kid. You know, he’s 17 years old. That’s unbelievable for somebody that age. I’m excited to see what he’s going to do with his career.”

Rick Culbertson, Bret’s father

“We’ve grown thicker skin over the last four years. It’s tough to hear people talk about him. They remember his misses but not the ones he makes – but they might remember today.”

Gene Chizik

“My boss [Jamie Pollard] gave me a game ball. I wish I could split that ball in about 110, because that’s who it really belongs to. I didn’t play a down, I really didn’t I didn’t play a down. All the credit goes to the kids and all my assistant coaches. I just called timeouts during the day.”

J.J. Bass

“I couldn’t breathe for a second, man. It felt so good to get that first win. Coach is so proud of us right now, and he is so happy. I’m just speechless. That boy [Culbertson] is my hero right now.”

Todd Blythe

“The locker room celebration was one of the best I’ve ever been a part of. Like I keep saying over and over, just to be a senior and to win this game my last time, it’s just unbelievable.”