EDITORIAL: Hey, Britney: Follow in Fred’s footsteps

With the recent presidential announcement from former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson, “Law and Order” fans everywhere could lose a few of their favorite episodes.

Federal equal airtime rules require TV stations to provide the same airtime to opponents when a candidate is televised. The rule has numerous exceptions – news programs, talk shows, interviews and documentaries, to name a few – but no exception for entertainment programming.

NBC has already stopped showing episodes featuring Thompson’s character, District Attorney Arthur Branch.

TNT has said it will continue to show reruns, since the law has never been tested against a cable network, but one lawsuit could mean bye-bye to more than 100 episodes of Fred.

If this is the case, we have a handful of other celebs we wish would run for president.

Ryan Seacrest. “Seacrest out?” One can only hope. With “American Idol’s” seventh season already in production, TV airwaves will soon be overloaded with Ryan Seacrest once more. Announcing his candidacy and limiting his airtime would allow us time to focus on aspects of life other than how many text messages we need to send to keep Sanjaya and his faux-hawk around. Besides, if television viewers were lucky enough to lose Seacrest, we can only presume he would have a steady stream of hair gel suppliers lined up to fund his campaign.

Britney Spears. Please don’t “gimme more.” After her MTV Video Music Awards performance on Monday, the possibility of Britney Spears being able to recite the presidential oath of office and keep her hand balanced on the Bible at the same time is unlikely. If she were able to stumble her way to Pennsylvania Avenue, K-Fed and the rest of her trailer trash entourage wouldn’t be far behind. Though we wouldn’t mind witnessing the first platinum-blond-wigged president lipsync her way through the State of the Union.

Lindsay Lohan. We’ve heard enough about Lohan’s panty-less escapades. Put her in office and let the media cover real news. Between the breaking coverage about her DUI or her songs laced with daddy issues, we’re sick of Lohan. However, one full term should be enough for her to kick the habit, and if it isn’t, she can always run for re-election.

Rosie O’Donnell. And if it’s not too much to ask, the Donald can run with her. Washington could always use more masters of partisan politics. Osama bin Laden wouldn’t just be a terrorist, but a fat cow. And al-Qaida are just a bunch of total losers.

Paris Hilton. That’s hawt. Well, sorta. We’ve already had one presidential sex scandal the past decade. Why not make it two? Besides, without her drivers’ license, she’d be the candidate for alternative forms of transportation.

The entire cast of “The Hills.” If only.