Where to eat for vegetarians

Kelly Howard

For vegetarians, vegging out doesn’t have to be as unhealthy as it sounds. A vegetarian, by definition, is someone who does not consume meat. The concept of vegetarianism, understood by many but practiced by few, has a little more depth than simply refusing meat. Practiced for a variety of health and/or personal reasons, vegetarians can take on multiple forms.

Semi-vegetarians or flexitarians

– Limit intake of meat but may consume fish (also called pescatarians)

Ovo-lacto vegetarians

&#8212 Do not eat animals but consume eggs and dairy products

&#8212 Ovo vegetarians eat eggs but not dairy

&#8212 Lacto vegetarians eat dairy but not eggs


&#8212 Eat no animal products, including dairy and eggs


– Eat only fruit or fruit-like vegetables

Whether you’re a long time vegetarian or simply don’t feel like consuming meat today, these available vegetarian menus in Campustown will help make your choice a little easier.

  • West Street Deli

    2810 West St.


    This quaint deli, located right off campus, offers a diverse vegetarian menu including grilled cheese sandwiches, egg salad, red-pepper hummus, veggie burgers, spinach and artichoke or blackened or BBQ tofu. A whole sandwich is available for $4.95 and a half sandwich goes for $3.75.

  • Caf‚ Beaudelaire

    2504 Lincoln Way


    Offering a Brazilian menu in the heart of Campustown, Caf‚ Beaudelaire offers international cuisine along with drinks and flavored coffees, providing a comfortable environment suitable for anyone. Try their Iron Veggie: Basmati rice with saut‚ed onions, tomatoes, garlic and collard greens, topped with stewed black beans, tzatziki sauce and Brazilian salsa.

  • Bali Satay House

    2424 Lincoln Way


    Offering authentic Indonesian and Chinese cuisine, Bali Satay offers a vegetarian menu that includes fried rice, chow mein, szechuan, angsio tofu, hokian veggie and gado gado to name a few. Equipped with a full bar and the occasional live musical acts, this restaurant is a great way to satisfy your vegetarian cravings with a little culture.

  • Pita Pit

    114 Welch Ave.


    A Campustown favorite sure to satisfy your lunch, dinner or post-bar appetite, Pita Pit offers a selection of vegetarian pitas including garden, falafel, baba ganoush, hummus, feta, Swiss or cheddar.

  • Pita Pita

    2508 Lincoln Way


    The Greek menu at Pita Pita offers a variety of fresh and healthy options. In addition to their homemade pitas, the selection of salads, falafel and hummus is sure to fulfill your vegetarian cravings.