STRAW POLL: New book brings up ‘green conservatism’

Pat Shaver

Terry Maple, professor of psychology from Georgia Institute of Technology discussed the topic of green conservatism at the Straw Poll and promoted a new book.

It was part of the American Solutions Workshop at the Iowa Straw Poll.

Maple and Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House and American Solutions general chairman, collaborated on a book, “A Contract with the Earth,” that will be available in October.

“One of the biggest ideas that we are working on is to launch green conservatism,” Gingrich said. “[We need to] focus on using incentives and finding a solution.”

Maple said the issues with the environment are everybody’s problem.

“The problems we are facing with global climate change are not well understood,” Maple said. “There is a diversity of ideas out there, it is not just one political party’s issue.”

He said that many people do not fully understand of the problems with the environment. He gave the example of living in Florida. Last year, experts predicted that 17 storms would hit Florida. Maple said he didn’t see a single storm.

“We need to make an effort to measure these things better,” he said. “We need to invest in science.”

Maple also discussed the growing and changing technology and its effects on the environment. He said with new products emerging, people shouldn’t give up on them, but invest in the new products.

“You all live in Iowa, boy I have never seen so many cornfields. Corn right here is an important crop, not only for food but also for ethanol. You’ve got a product right in Iowa and that can be very important,” Maple said.