Home sweet home?

Corey Aldritt

Apartment move-in day has come and gone as the last dumpster couches found their way into living rooms.

Most students are kicked out of their old apartments on July 31 and left without a home for a night, as most leases on new apartments don’t start until Aug. 1.

Vanessa Abernathy, Ames resident, said she had to go home to Marshalltown and stay with her parents for the night.

“It was frustrating to move everything out and move it to Marshalltown and then move it all back here,” Abernathy said.

Many students trek back to their hometowns, but many try to find a friend to stay with.

Josh Elliot, junior in management information systems, said he had to move his stuff into a friend’s garage and then sleep at a different friend’s apartment for the night.

“It was an awkward feeling – not having a place to go to,” Elliot said.

Many students plan on finding a place to stay for a night or two, but sometimes it comes unexpectedly.

“We checked out of our apartment to move to a building across the street,” said Jon Albaugh, junior in French. “The tenant who lived there before us didn’t clean it.”

Albaugh said he and his roommates didn’t want to move into the uncleaned apartment, so they made their landlord clean it while they found somewhere else to stay.

“It was just a fiasco,” Albaugh said. “Incredibly frustrating.”

He said it wasn’t just finding a place to stay that was hard, it was having all of his roommates take off another day of work to move in.

Albaugh said he has moved several times before this.

“Moving always sucks, but we’ve never had a delay like this,” he said.

Many students have a hard time with a one-day layover, but some have to wait a couple of weeks before their new residence opens up.

“My lease went up until the 1st and I can’t move in till the 16th,” said Peter Bowles, sophomore in pre-business.

Bowles said he had to pack up everything and put it in his garage back in his hometown.

“It would have been nice to not do everything twice and just pack and move once,” Bowles said.

Through the whole moving experience, many realize how important and helpful friends can be.

“It was a little bit frustrating, but I was lucky to have friends to help me out,” Elliot said.