Iowa State hosts seminar by school of Metaphysics

Julie Young

Exploring factors beyond the physical realm and revolutionizing self-concept and worldview were the key messages behind the seminar, “The Powers of Ten,” held Friday by the School of Metaphysics in the Scheman Building.

“One thing that stands out [about it] is that it’s very practical and has deep personal application; at the end of the day people know how to understand situations and resolve past experiences,” said Laurel Clark, president of the School of Metaphysics.

Throughout the daylong program, participants had the opportunity to explore “The Power of Ten essential life skills,” which are self-respect, undivided attention, concentration, memory, listening, imagination, breathing, reasoning, intuition and entrainment.

“This isn’t a religious event, but it has a spiritual component; the whole day is about bringing out and exploring our whole potential, and understanding the self in all ways,” Clark said.

The experiential and hands-on seminar included audience participation and round-table discussion. Teachers from each regional School of Metaphysics attended the event to help answer questions and explore topics.

“In the Oklahoma City school, we cater more to social workers, so discussions have more of a mental health focus; [the ISU gathering] has a more diverse group of people, which is interesting,” said Alan Rider, School of Metaphysics teacher from the Oklahoma City branch.

Sessions throughout the day were taught by Barbara Condron, founder of the School of Metaphysics and creator of the Powers of Ten program.

“Traditional evaluation centers around what you will become; transformative evaluation focuses on who you will become,” Condron said.

Condron led participants through several self-exploration activities, including evaluating positive and negative “attractors,” or personal strengths and weaknesses. By using strengths to show compassion to the less-skilled and looking upon weaknesses with acceptance and love, Condron said that people can become whole.

“To be able to have a wholeness rooted in love and compassion and give it to other people in that light is an amazingly powerful source of hope,” Condron said.

The Powers of Ten seminar also included a dream-interpretation component. Following a video about the power of dreams, participants were encouraged to share dreams with teachers from the School of Metaphysics for interpretation.

“Dreams are about experiencing our inner mind, and using our heart to interpret the self,” said Terry Martin of the School of Metaphysics.

Attendees of the Powers of Ten seminar expressed positive feelings about the event.

“I think the thing that struck me the most is the practicality – it’s amazing what you pick up. It isn’t as abstract as it seems,” said Christy Compiano of The Book Store in Des Moines.

Event organizers said they were pleased with their experience at Iowa State.

“I think [the day] turned out very well; it’s a great facility and we really enjoy this experience,” said Jesse Kern, teacher of the School of Metaphysics in Des Moines.