Construction continues around campus

Tim Miller

One of the downsides of summer is all the new construction projects that make everybody’s life more difficult.

Iowa State is no exception.

Many construction projects are being finished up before classes start and more will be starting.

The biggest inconvenience around campus has been the closing of Beach Avenue. The project was set to be completed Aug. 10 barring any major catastrophes, said Eric Cowles, construction supervisor of Ames Public Works Department.

The big goal for summer construction was to finish before students started to move in on campus to avoid complications, Cowles said.

By the beginning of August, all the pavement had been laid and all that needed to be finished was the bike trails and other minor details.

“[Beach Avenue] was a real big job,” Cowles said. “It was a tight time frame to complete from when students left and when they come back.”

On campus at Iowa State, building renovations have been in full swing.

Coover Hall renovations are still ongoing and are set to be completed in spring 2008, said Dean McCormick, assistant director of construction services for facilities planning and management.

However, the closed sidewalks on the north side will be open by the time classes start, McCormick said.

The Memorial Union is also still under construction.

“[The Memorial Union] is a major project that is nearing completion,” McCormick said.

The addition to the University Book Store was completed, as well as the new entryway on the south side facing Lincoln Way.

The parking ramp and north side will still be experiencing renovations during the fall semester.

One of the new construction projects will leave some students stranded – for lunch, that is.

“We’re getting ready to start a renovation of the Hub,” McCormick said.

The College of Design will have a new addition called the Foundations Pavilion, set be completed in October 2008.

The College of Veterinary Medicine has construction that is well under way for building renovations.

That project is set to be completed in July 2008.

The Alumni Center is making progress, McCormick said. The Alumni Center, next to Stephens Auditorium, is tentatively scheduled for completion in spring 2008.

After the 2007 football season, Jack Trice Stadium will also be renovated.