Texas coach discusses experience with Chizik

Chris Conetzkey

New ISU football coach Gene Chizik learned from the best. He spent three years as defensive coordinator for Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville and two years at Texas under Mack Brown.

Brown is the winningest NCAA coach of the past 11 seasons and currently boasts streaks of 17 winning seasons and 15 bowl appearances.

Brown has been nothing but a winner in his career, and is a shining example of how to build and run a football program.

Chizik worked side-by-side with Brown as a defensive coordinator and assistant head coach, and for the first time in two years, Brown will be working without Chizik. Here is what Brown had to say in a brief interview about his former assistant:

Daily: You worked with Chizik for a couple of years; what kind of impression did he leave upon you?

Mack Brown: He is the entire package for being a great head coach. Gene has knowledge, passion, super communication skills, and most of all, integrity.

Daily: How much do you think that him being a part of such a great program like Texas football will help him in his career as a Cyclone?

Mack Brown: Gene has always been involved with winning teams. Probably the last two years with us in the state of Texas, and in the Big 12, will be a great advantage for him.

Daily: Based on his performance as a coach with you, how do you think he will handle the new role of head coach?

Mack Brown: He has “star” written all over him. Again, he is the full package.

Daily: How successful do you feel Chizik can be at Iowa State, and what is it about him that is going to make him successful?

Mack Brown: First, he is following a great guy and head coach in Dan McCarney. They already know how to win. Secondly, I think he is a perfect fit. The state of Iowa has great people who want things done the right way. That’s the only way he knows.

Daily: Can you describe to me what his coaching style was like in terms of how he dealt with players and other coaches?

Mack Brown: He is very courteous and a perfect gentleman, but he deals with people in a tough, direct and up-front manner.

Daily: What do you feel the biggest challenge for Chizik as a head coach will be, and why?

Mack Brown: Gene, like all new head coaches, will need some time to get everyone on the same page, and build trust and respect so they can all be going after a common purpose.