Dyersville readies town for partying RAGBRAI-style

Tj Rushing

RAGBRAI’s 2007 campaign will end July 28 in Bellevue, but that’s where the participants will be winding down from the biggest party RAGBRAI has to offer, the night before in Dyersville.

“The night before the ending is always the biggest party of them all. I definitely think Dyersville will be the biggest party,” said Dave Brinker, owner of Second Street Station in Bellevue, where the race will end.

Kayla Warner is the bar manager of Desperados in Dyersville. She said the bar is already preparing for the final party night. The event hasn’t been through the town in many years.

“We are kind of procrastinating. RAGBRAI hasn’t come through in so many years that we don’t know exactly what to expect,” Warner said. “We are staffed to the max, we’ll be stocking up on liquor and beer, and even hiring new people, so that if we do get hit like we think we should, we’ll be ready.”

So what do Dyersville residents think of it all?

“I think the people are excited,” Warner said. “I’m just basing that on the talk I’ve been hearing around town. It should be fun.”