Budget model advances to campus subgroups

Shelby Hayes

The new budget model advanced another step after ISU President Gregory Geoffroy accepted the Budget Model Review and Implementation Committee’s latest report and passed it on to other campus groups and leaders.

The latest document, dubbed the Oct. 31 report, was forwarded Wednesday morning to the Faculty Senate, Professional and Scientific Council, college deans and members of the president’s cabinet.

After review, they will give their formal recommendations, input and advice.

The report is said to have incorporated the extensive feedback given by the campus community, though it has not yet been released to the public.

Douglas Epperson, associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and chairman of the committee, speculated the report would be released on the Resource Management Web site sometime in the near future.

However, he said it would not be released before it was accepted by the various campus subgroups.

“There is a protocol that is being followed for the release of the report,” Epperson said.

However, Epperson confirmed that the concerns raised by the campus community did impact the makeup of the report.

“There are a number of changes that have been recommended in the model based on the feedback we received from all elements from the campus community,” Epperson said.

Geoffroy said he was pleased with those changes.

“I thought the committee did an excellent job of addressing a large number of issues, including items that they received considerable feedback on,” Geoffroy said.

In addition to passing the Oct. 31 report on to other campus groups, Geoffroy also requested the committee continue with its work on the development of an implementation plan.

The next deadline for the new budget model will come in mid-January when the committee is expected to submit another report to the president.

That report will update the issues of the Oct. 31 report and lay out a more detailed plan for implementation.

The campus subgroups will also be expected to submit their feedback to the president at that time as well.

Epperson said the committee is on track to enable Geoffroy to make a final decision on the new budget model in December or January.