Stormettes amplify crowd energy at Monday Monologue


Courtesy of the Stormette Dance Line's student organization webpage

The Stormettes aim to encourage team endurance and body positivity through their performances.

Payne Blazevich

The Iowa State Stormettes Dance Line showcased their energetic style of performance in the Grant Woods Mural Lobby Monday afternoon.

The close quarters and echoey acoustics brought the crowd up close and personal with the team. Due to weather, the lively performance was moved from the steps of Parks Library to inside.

The performance was a change of pace from other Monday Monologue performances, according to Susan Gent, a community engagement specialist who created the Monday Monologue Series.

“I think it was just really fun to have a different genre of music and dance in this space. It’s very classic in a certain way,” Gent said.

The loud stomps and hip hop music bounced off the polished walls and marble statues of the mural lobby. The opportunity to showcase this type of performance provides a space where more people can belong, Gent said.

The group’s high energy paired with the enthusiastic crowd accumulated throughout the show. The proximity of the audience created a more intimate environment, according to Gent.

“I’m sure that the Stormettes could see us smiling because we were a little bit closer. I think sometimes when we’re out on the front lawn, people are kind of spread out, and it’s harder to make eye contact with folks,” Gent said.

The chance to showcase her dance skills and be a part of the Black culture at Iowa State is what inspired Kierra Jack to join the group. Jack is a sophomore majoring in interior design, and she plans to continue with the Stormettes after the 2022 spring semester.

“For me, it’s fun and exciting just because I miss dancing. I miss the thrill of dancing and just performing,” Jack said.

While the group consists of three members, Jack said that it brings the team closer together.

“I feel like that it’s very collaborative. We all work on all of our dances together, and [we] all have our input into everything,” Jack said.

The Stormettes are working to spread their name across campus. After disruptions caused by COVID-19 and members of the group graduating, the team is in the process of rebuilding according to April Finley, a student services specialist and adviser for the Stormettes.

“We have students who have any level of dance participation, whether that’s zero years or they’ve been dancing for 20 years,” Finley said. “They can be a part of this team because they’re going to learn everything that they need to know.”

The Stormettes’ Monday Monologue performance was their second of the semester. They will perform one more time at the Motion Sickness showcase on Saturday, according to Finley.