Student academic success may be recognized by IRHA honorary dinner

Emily Oliver

Recognition dinners for residence hall students who are academically successful may return if a bill passes in the Inter-Residence Hall Association.

Residence hall students earning a 4.0 grade-point average used to be honored with a dinner funded by the Department of Residence. Due to budget cuts, the Department of Residence had to eliminate the luxury this year. If the bill passes, IRHA would fund the dinner to recognize those students.

John Shertzer, IRHA adviser, said the Department of Residence originally included in its budget $1,700 for a dinner to honor residence hall students who had received a 4.0 GPA during the fall semester.

Dan Burke, representative of Barton-Lyon-Freeman-Fisher-Nickell and senior in computer engineering, wrote the bill.

Shertzer said when the budget becomes more stable, the Department of Residence would consider re-establishing the dinner for residence hall students.

Until the Department of Residence can start funding the dinner again, IRHA will consider funding the recognition. The IRHA bill is asking $1,250 to be used to fund the dinner for the current academic year. Students who earned a 4.0 GPA during the fall semester would still have their dinner, if the bill passes.

The dinner is catered by the ISU Dining Services and is held in a residence hall dining center, Burke said.

More than 60 residence hall students received 4.0 GPAs last year, and nearly all of them brought a professor to dinner, Burke said.

“A lot of times [those earning a 4.0 GPA] get on the dean’s list like everyone else, but they don’t get the special recognition,” Burke said.

IRHA will also discuss a bill allowing hall desks to purchase updated entertainment items for residence hall students to check out.

Brandon Gray, Richardson Court Association at-large representative and junior in journalism and mass communication, said the bill, which asks for $5,250, would allot money to hall desks to improve their movie and game libraries.

The IRHA meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Maple-Willow-Larch Commons.