LETTER: Daily should focus on GSB, budget

In light of seven straight cuts to the ISU budget, rising tuition, and the merger of two university colleges, budget problems should be the main focus of the university. But this is not the case, as evidenced in the Iowa State Daily.

Rep. Ed Fallon, D-Des Moines, came to Iowa State on Feb. 19 to discuss these issues with students. Rep. Jane Greimann, D-Ames, was also in attendance.

With a tuition increase of 65 percent in the last six years, you would think that the room would be filled. Think again. A robust crowd of 25 showed up to discuss this major issue. Why the low numbers?

If students like working to pay for the increase in price — in addition to studying and participating in campus organizations — then maybe I should stop writing. But I know this can’t be true.

The Daily failed to alert students of the opportunity to meet with Reps. Fallon and Greimann. These are real issues and things that we as students can get involved with. I was lucky enough to find out about the event by reading the Des Moines Register.

With the upcoming Government of the Student Body elections, you would also think that any debate or action on part of the candidates would be published for the student body to attend. Wrong again. A debate held Monday night in the

M-Shop received only a single ad on Page 2.

The Daily would rather discuss Carnival in Brazil then our own GSB elections on campus. I enjoy reading the Daily. For the most part, I find it very important and vital part of this campus.

But with issues like tuition and GSB elections, I have been disappointed. These are things that students care about and are interested in. Please give them their fair share of coverage.

Brent Kassel


Liberal Arts and Sciences — Open Option